The construction at Karholl

The not-for-profit organization Aurora Observatory is building a Northern Lights and Upper Atmosphere Observatory under an agreement with The Chinese Polar Research Institute – PRIC, signed October 5 th. 2013. The Observatory is located at Karholl, close to the community of Laugar in Reykjadalur, Thingeyjarsveit, 65 km east of Akureyri.

The first level will be a Science Communication Guest Centre open to the public to learn about Aurora and other interesting scientific phenomena.

The building construction formally started with a ground-breaking ceremony on June 2 nd 2014. A cornerstone ceremony took place on October 10 th. 2016. The first three observational cameras where installed in October 2017.

The official opening of the Research Station and its Guest Centre is expected to take place no later than October 2018.

Further information on the project is provided by AO director Reinhard Reynisson, tel 464 0415 or

The images above show the exterior design of the building under construction. More information is available under the link Construction.

Aurora Borealis real time monitoring at the Karholl station can be partially followed online. Click HERE to view

The Aurora Observatory

The Polar Research Institute of China (PRIC) and The Icelandic Centre for Research (RANNIS) have signed an agreement on the formation of a joint centre for the exploration of the aurora borealis phenomena. The China-Iceland Joint Aurora Observatory (CIAO) will be based at Karholl, N-Iceland

The Scientific Cooperation

The aim of this research cooperation is to further the scientific understanding on solar-terrestrial interaction and space weather by conducting polar upper atmosphere observations, such as auroras, geomagnetic field variations and other related phenomena and outreach to the public.

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