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CIAO location on map


The CIAO Observatory, situated at Kárhóll in the captivating northern region of Iceland, is conveniently located near the municipality of Laugar and is only a scenic 45-minute drive away from the town of Akureyri. 

For a more detailed visual representation of the observatory's location, you can click on the accompanying map to enlarge and explore the area further and get more information on the observatory.

Introduction video

During the momentous inauguration of the Arctic Observatory in October 2018, an impactful introductory video was showcased.

This captivating video, which can be accessed by clicking on the accompanying photo, serves as an enlightening introduction to the project's development and highlights the remarkable construction process of the research building. It provides a comprehensive overview, offering viewers a glimpse into the visionary journey that brought the observatory to fruition.

Introduction video

China-Iceland Joint Arctic Observatory | Kárhóll | 4640415 | info@karholl.is

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