The not-for-profit company Aurora Observatory is building a Northern Lights Observatory at Karholl, Reykjadal, Thingeyjarsveit. The building will be about 760 m2, located slightly north and above the current buildings at Karholl, in accordance to a confirmed area site plan, see here. The building is three levels, built out of concrete and steel.

The construction company SS Byggir is commissioned to the concrete phase of the building and work is well under way. The plan is to start research in the building in the fall of 2016.

Further information on the project is provided by AO director Reinhard Reynisson, tel 464 0415 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

101  102  103  104

NE under hill  North side night  SE from air gold  South entrance strait gold  SV from air blue

Byggingin fundarherbergið 2 hæð  Byggingin 1 hæð  Byggingin ganguronnurhaed  byggingin onnurhaed  sl2  SLides

construction1  construction2  construction3  construction4  construction5  construction6

framkvaemdir2a  framkvaemdir2b  framkvaemdir2c  framkvaemdir2d  framkvaemdir2e  framkvaemdir2f  framkvaemdir2g  framkvaemdir2h

The images above show the exterior design of the building under construction.

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